Incorporating Efficiency Upgrades into Your Electrical Maintenance Plan with MCL Power

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When it comes to commercial and industrial electrical systems, everybody wants efficiency. From minimizing power consumption through component upgrades, adding energy-efficient features like LED and sensor-based lighting systems, or even incorporating renewable energy sources into your infrastructure, there are countless ways that organizations can improve their electrical efficiency. Investing in efficiency has both short and long-term benefits, including efficiency rebates, reduced energy costs, and increased property value thanks to next-generation electrical infrastructure.

When developing a plan to increase your property’s energy efficiency, it can be difficult to know where to begin. In many situations, incorporating upgrades into a regular maintenance and service schedule is the easiest (and least disruptive) way to approach efficiency upgrades. In order to do this successfully, organizations need an electrical contractor with a proven record of success in planning and executing large-scale electrical projects.

Since 1993, MCL Power has become a leading electrical contracting firm with proven experience servicing commercial, industrial, and other large-scale projects across Western Canada. Today, our service and maintenance division proudly provides complete electrical maintenance and upgrade services, helping facilities proactively manage their electrical systems and consumption and reap the long-term benefits of energy efficiency. Discover how partnering with MCL can benefit your organization below.

Proactive Efficiency Upgrades

Electrical systems in large-scale commercial and industrial operations are highly complex. When considering potential efficiency upgrades, developing a strategy that considers every aspect of your current system is essential. The right electrical service partner will be able to help you effectively manage your entire electrical system, developing an effective strategy to increase your energy efficiency while keeping you ahead of any potential challenges.

MCL Power’s experienced service team specializes in developing upgrade and maintenance plans tailored to our client’s short and long-term needs. By developing comprehensive strategies, MCL adds value by incorporating new efficiency features while servicing and maintaining existing systems, helping to extended equipment life, reducing equipment breakdowns, minimizing emergency service calls, and increasing operating efficiency.

Complete Service and Maintenance

MCL Power has nearly three decades of proven experience working on some of the most advanced electrical systems in Western Canada. Today, our maintenance and service division offers a complete range of capabilities, including:

  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance and Repair
  • Lighting Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Electrical Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Fire Alarm Preventative Maintenance
  • Switchgear Preventative Maintenance
  • Electrical Testing
  • Emergency Standby Power Systems
  • Tenant Fit-Up/Renovation
  • And More!

Our comprehensive service capabilities allow us to support every aspect of our client’s electrical system, providing efficient one-stop-shop service that saves organizations time and money in the short and long term.

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