High-quality electrical components pre-assembled, delivered, and installed onsite to save you time and money

MCL Power is a trusted electrical prefabrication provider throughout Western Canada with a long history of successful construction projects. Our prefabrication team assembles standardized items, such as receptacles and in-wall switches, which are packaged and shipped to your site for installation. Our team of trained professionals is here to help you manage project schedules while increasing product quality control and onsite labour efficiency.

mcl service

Drastically reduce turnaround times and costs for your prefab project

“35% of prefabrication users reduced their overall project schedules by at least 4 weeks.”
(Source: McGraw-Hill’s SmartMarket Report)

List of services

  • Offsite assembly and fabrication
  • Onsite assembly and installation

Benefits we offer

Faster turnaround times

Better quality compliance

Increased productivity

Labour cost savings

Increased safety

Less material waste