Preventative maintenance support to prevent costly replacements for your site and equipment, ensuring your investment is protected for the long term.

MCL Power works with clients to plan and design a preventative maintenance program to suit their specific needs and concerns.

Our team of specialists provides the safety equipment, tools, and expertise to accurately measure and report the results of our inspection to give you clear and actionable insights for the enhanced safety and performance of your electrical systems.

By ensuring proper ongoing maintenance of your equipment, you can extend equipment life and experience fewer equipment breakdowns…reducing the frequency of emergency service calls and increasing overall operating efficiency.

mcl service

Straightforward, practical solutions for your unique maintenance needs that your whole team can easily manage every day.

List of services

  • Energized services
    • True RMS voltage and current services
    • Voltage drop services
    • Infrared thermographic imaging services
    • Ultrasonic detection services
    • Voltage and current harmonics services
    • Visual and mechanical inspections
    • Phase-balance services
  • De-energized services
    • Insulation resistance services
    • Contact, ground, and winding resistance services
    • Circuit breaker services (low voltage)
    • Transformer services
    • Motor services
    • Visual and mechanical inspection of interior and exterior electrical components
  • Predictive/proactive maintenance
    • Physical, electrical, and mechanical inspections
    • Check tightness specifications
    • Installation verifications
    • Minor repairs such as cleaning & lubrication
    • Accurate recordkeeping

Benefits we offer

Consistent quality

Reduce operating costs

Prevent costly replacements

Increase onsite safety

Enhance equipment value

Increase equipment efficiency and production