A Proven Commitment to Safety

MCL Power Inc. is committed to the highest standards of safety and has the track record to prove it. We have consistently met and exceeded industry safety standards – as measured by highly successful external COR audits and continuing Partnership in Injury Reduction deductions – and we have embraced a continuous improvement model for safety program development.

In fulfilling this commitment, MCL creates a work environment in which industry best practices prevail. We achieve consistently superior health, safety and environmental performance results through the diligent application and continuous improvement of our safety program.

Our ultimate goal is an injury and incident-free workplace. Employees at every level are responsible and accountable for the success of the company’s overall safety, health and environment initiatives and objectives, and we accomplish our goals in a spirit of consultation and cooperation.

MCL looks forward to showing you why we are considered an industry leader in both quality and safety.

Our Safety Methodology

A successful safety program doesn’t just happen – it’s developed over time through diligent effort and consistent application of a clear safety plan and rigorous safety methodology. MCL achieves its safety goals and objectives by:

Measuring – The bedrock of all good safety programs is comprehensive data collection and analysis.

Communicating – Safety messages are compelling and create awareness and buy-in.

Training – MCL has put a system in place to identify training needs and provide timely training.

Reinforcing – Employees accept responsibility for their own safety and know they will be held accountable for their actions.

Improving – MCL employs Continuous Improvement methods to achieve excellence in safety.

“High Reliability Organizations do not take past success as a reason for confidence…. Safety is a value that requires continuing reinforcement and investment.”

– D.D. Woods and J. Wreathall, Managing Risk Proactively