Industry-leading arc flash analysis and coordination studies combined with detailed risk assessments and tailored solutions

MCL Power offers comprehensive arc flash analysis services and shock risk studies that deliver hazard assessments and detailed safety recommendations for your facilities. We provide trusted insights and electrical safety recommendations to customers across various sectors throughout Western Canada.

Arc flash is a risk in any electrical device, causing explosive, sometimes dangerous bursts of heat and light that can cause significant damage and personal injury without adequate protective measures. MCL Power provides in-depth arc flash studies and coordination analysis studies that help you protect valuable electrical systems and equipment and maintain proper compliance with all workplace safety standards. Get accurate reporting and recommendations for the best personal protective equipment (PPE) and arc flash protection boundaries. Minimize the impact of power failures and keep your business operations running smoothly and safely.

arc flash coordination studies

Arc flash analysis is important to clearly outline not only where arc flash hazards most likely occur but which activities carry the greatest risk. MCL Power provides proper risk assessment with realistic values to determine the right category of PPE required to stay compliant with the highest standards of safety.

arc flash coordination studies alberta

List of service

  • Arc Flash Analysis:
    • Short circuit current values
    • Protective device settings coordination study
    • Arc flash incident energy levels
    • Shock risk assessment
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Arc flash and shock hazard warning labels
    • Comprehensive site hazard report
  • Coordination Analysis
    • Ensure equipment and electrical systems work properly to adequately protect your systems in case of malfunction
    • Protective device coordination analysis
    • Review and recommend measures to ensure compliance with electrical code standards
    • Review and report the impacts of short circuits and equipment failures on the operations of power facilities
  • Sub Services:
    • Short Circuit Analysis
    • Protective Device Adequacy Evaluation
      • Evaluate and report on the adequacy of interrupting electrical devices to withstand any level of fault duty
    • Single Line Generation/Updates

Benefits we offer

Increase your staff's safety

Compliance with regulatory

Reduce equipment damage

Maintain proper documentation

Minimize outages and downtimes

Reduce regulatory fines and penalties