Virtual Construction

MCL Power is doing it!

As an example, we model in our racks, do a clash detection with all trades, manipulate route and/or elevation if required, label each rack with a unique number, create Trimble slab drawings then use a Total Robotic Station to locate and install the inserts before the slab is poured; then send the prefabrication shop a list of the numbered racks with length of each rod and strut for assembly. We then create rack drawings with route and elevation in Revit for site installation. This process ensures all our racks are installed in place correctly, no need to move in future.

A lot of companies use buzz words and promise grand coordination with all trades. At MCL Power, we are actually doing it. We are using the latest versions of virtual construction software to achieve coordination with not only other trades but with our own systems as well.

MCL Power is currently utilizing Blubeam, AutoCAD, 3D PDF’s, Revit, Navisworks, Trimble and DIALux software to do project layouts, prefabrication and coordination. The links below will give you an idea of what we are capable of: