Commercial financing

Making New Equipment Affordable For You

As commercial building owners don’t always have the capital budget available to tackle much needed equipment replacement projects; a Commercial Lease may be a better alternative to using up capital to upgrade their current equipment. Our program offers convenient monthly pre-authorized payments. The program is flexible, providing multiple terms and can incorporate maintenance plans as part of the
monthly payment.

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Reduce downtimes and keep things running smoothly with our expert on-call services

commercial electrical equipment financing alberta

Why Finance


  • Convenient pre-authorized monthly payments
  • Maintenance can be included as part of the monthly payment
  • Multiple term options ranging from 3 to 10 years. No project is too big or too small!
  • Commercial Leasing and Financing can overcome capital constraints and make any project possible. Let us show you how the savings can pay for new equipment installations
  • Lease your equipment to expand your borrowing power.
  • Install energy-efficient equipment now to take advantage of the upfront savings and use them to help pay for the lease.
  • Improve operating liquidity by keeping your cash working for you rather than locking it up in assets
  • Leasing allows you to upgrade your technology as it progresses.

Benefits we offer

Convenient support

Better site maintenance

Peace of mind

Improved site safety

Better equipment efficiency

Reduced downtimes