Detailed power quality analysis and engineering services to maximize power systems efficiency

MCL Power provides comprehensive power quality analysis solutions to reduce electrical energy waste and carbon emissions. Our goal is to deliver improved power quality for our customers, which in turn provides lifetime energy and cost savings, better site productivity, and improved system performance and longevity. MCL Power’s quality engineering solutions are designed to identify and solve issues for the efficient distribution of electricity to maintain a consistent flow and prevent overloads of your systems.

Even minor malfunctions of your electrical equipment can cause a sequence of events leading to power outages and system-wide failures. However, using modern technology, we can accurately evaluate power quality data to identify abnormal electrical activity and evaluate the seriousness of those issues, along with potential sources.

With our Power Quality Analysis services, MCL can help you prevent disruptions to your daily operations and business activities, costly outages or repairs, and major damage to your electrical systems.

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Our team is expertly qualified to identify, measure and report the power quality metrics of your equipment and systems in order to deliver accurate solutions that better match your unique facility requirements.

Poor power quality costs Canadians $1.2 Billion annually in higher power bills and shortened system lifespan.
(Source: Canadian Electrical Association)

List of services

  • Power quality audit (PQA)
    • Includes full disclosure report, CSA-Z462
  • Power quality engineering (PQE)
    • Tailored to correct size and style of filter solution to give optimum results
  • Power quality commissioning (PQC)
    • Includes case study report with before and after comparisons of power quality solution filters

Benefits we offer

Enhanced power performance

Improved load balancing

Reduced maintenance costs

Prevent transformer overheating

Voltage variation correction

Eliminate unexpected downtime

Client Testimonials

What sets MCL Power’s level of service above most other electrical contractors is their ability to perform with the highest level of service, complete the project safely and without incidents, complete the work on or ahead of schedule, provide a high-quality product, be competitive, and just as important, have fun along the journey. MCL Power has consistently performed in this manner for as long as I have been associated with them.

Jamie Singh, Vice President of Operations - Ledcor Group