Productivity and accuracy of installation are greatly increased with the use of one of our Robotic Total Stations. A lot of time and effort goes into coordination with other trades, so once we have finalized our locations, they need to be precise. The following is a list indicating some of the applications we are using this technology for:

  • Anchor inserts for racks, bus duct, cable tray, light fixtures, etc.
  • Complex architectural lighting layouts (picture to the right)
  • Any box location, in slab or surface
  • Center of walls for entire floors
  • Conduit stub ups
  • Entire electrical room layouts including distribution equipment openings
  • Both vertical and horizontal sleeve locations
  • Any opening for mullions, bus duct, pedestals, etc.
  • Routing of trenches including elevations
  • Housekeeping pad layouts
  • Manhole and handhole locations
  • All as-built conditions
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